Spitting and Snot Rocketing

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We’ve had some interesting responses to this latest video. I can see that unless you have been riding for a while it may seem bizarre to need any kind of advice about how to spit.

With many things bike related there is always a deeper set of experience and simple things have more subtlety and skills to them than may be apparent on the surface. There is more to pedaling than just pushing them around for example. The same is also true of clearing your facial cavities of the mucous of various kinds that gets produced over hours of breathing deeply, chewing energy bars and the dust and grime of a long ride.

Also – ┬áhaving been hit with a newbies gunk in the past I thought it was a public service to bring some awareness to the etiquette necessary to avoid this.

In general the trick is to be able to clear the stuff from you and your riding buddies with enough force that no one gets sprayed. There are a few techniques for this which we outline in the video. It can be a case of trial, error and experience to always pull this off cleanly. There are numerous unpredictable factors – wind and the consistency of the snot/gunk/mucous (however you refer to it where you are) being two of the major ones.

We enjoyed putting this one together – let us know what you think.

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