How to crash – not

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None of us want to crash but we have to face the odds – the more we ride the more chance there is. This short video outlines some things to be aware of to lower the risks and some tips on how to minimise the damage if the odds catch up with you.

Here’s a quick text run down for those of you who prefer to skim :)

  • Be aware ( yes, thank you Captain Obvious) – But really you need an awareness of  the wider environment – traffic and road conditions – as well as awareness of your immediate environment ( the riders around you, group communication etc). Take nothing for granted.
  • Avoid overlapping wheels and unfocused riders
  • Don’t rubber neck at a crash that happens behind you – you’ll end up crashing as well
  • Focus through the corner – look where you want to go
  • When cornering lean the bike beneath you to maintain traction
  • Brake before the corner not through it
  • Balance your braking between the front and back to maintain control
  • When wet lower your tyre ( tire for North Americans:) pressure and avoid white lines
  • Take up Yoga, Pilates or Feldenkrais to improve your balance and proprioception
  • When falling don’t throw out a limb – tuck and roll, tuck and roll, tuck and roll.
We hope these general points help out. If they help you avoid even one crash then it was all worth it 😉


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