• Why We Ride.
    This is Gothard pass in Switzerland. If this image makes your heart sing and your thighs twitch then you are a cyclist.

    Why we ride
  • Learn how to spit and clear your nose like a pro while riding. It’s all seems easy until your riding mate gets a face full.

    Spitting and Snot Rocketing
  • We hate to say it – but you’ll crash one day. Be prepared with this short video so you can minimise the risk and damage.

    How to crash – not
  • Learn to climb like a mountain goat. How to get to the top through pacing and position on the bike.

    Climbing Tips

Bicycles For Humanity

Another of my bike related projects is running the Melbourne chapter of Bicycles For Humanity. This is a completely volunteer run charity organisation focused on the alleviation of poverty in the developing world through the provision of sustainable transport – you guessed it, in the form of a bike.

A bike means you can travel twice as far, twice as fast and carry four times the load so this means access to education, health care, fresh food and water, community and economic opportunity and employment. Life changing in way it is hard for us to fully comprehend.

I won’t write a length about this here but instead direct you to the B4h website at


And ask you to contribute to the current crowd funding campaign on Start Some Good


This project works in places where numerous other initiatives fail. The stats are confronting.

In the 1970s 10% of Africans were said to be living in dire poverty. After 40 years and a trillion dollars of aid that figure is now around 70% living in dire poverty. Clearly a different approach is needed. One of the ways forward for Africa to move away from aid dependance is micro-financed small business empowering people on the ground.

That’s what this project is all about. Your support makes a difference.

The Variety Cycle – Day 18 : Clare to Port Augusta (203.8km, elevation 1068m)


We all started the day a bit sad. Turia and Michael unfortunately had to leave us and go back home. This was the last day together. The 60 minutes crew was also with us to film part of this amazing and inspiring ride of Turia. The weather forecast … [Continue reading]

The Variety Cycle – Day 17 : Rest day in Clare (0 km, elevation 0m)


Our rest day actually started last evening with a fantastic visit to the winery Annie's Lane which donated to Variety an incredible dinner for everybody. Someone working at Anne's Lane must have riding experience because they organised a massive … [Continue reading]

The Variety Cycle – Day 16 : Adelaide to Clare (174.7 km, elevation 2216m)


More cyclists joined the group in Adelaide, new people just for a day ride and others till Uluru. It was a must to have a great group photo with the support crew as well. We started on a high with a 30 kms ride in a beautiful gorge, up and up … [Continue reading]

The Variety Cycle – Day 15 : Tailem Bend to Adelaide (131 km, elevation 1808m)


We all woke up this morning with lots of adrenaline. Many reasons for that. We were riding to the capital of South Australia. Two rides to go for the day off and new people joined the group, all well trained and ready for the hard work. They all … [Continue reading]

The Variety Cycle – Day 14 : Bordertown to Tailem Bend (177.7 km, elevation 177m)


We had another epic day at the Variety Cycle. We had the great pleasure to ride the last 100km with Brandon. After an atrocious car accident, Brandon today can only ride on a hand cycle, which was  donated by Variety one year ago. Let's start from … [Continue reading]

The Variety Cycle – Day 13 : Penola to Bordertown (141.7 km, elevation 320m)


We began the day with a small change on the original route due to new pavement in progress around Mt.Gambier. The starting line was in Penola, the centre of Coonawarra, one of the most beautiful wine areas in Australia. It was somehow a pity that we … [Continue reading]

The Variety Cycle – Day 12 : Hamilton to Mt.Gambier (144.7 km, elevation 938m)


Australia is the land of the thousand landscapes and in these 26 days we are riding through some of them. We left Sydney only 11 days ago and we cycled through New South Wales, ACT and Victoria. Today was the time for South Australia. After a … [Continue reading]

The Variety Cycle – Day 11 : Day off in Warrnambool (35.4Km, elevation 212m)


Today was off, just relaxing. After 1500km cycled through 2 states and 1 territory, we had a well deserved rest day. After a late breakfast at 8am we had a visit to the local Special Development School for kids. These visits are just eye … [Continue reading]

The Variety Cycle – Day 10 : Lorne to Warrnambool (225.8Km, elevation 3758m)


We had an early wake up call for this ride. It was our first over-200km ride and we had many question marks of which, the most important, can we actually finish it?!? Beside the length of the ride there was also the challenging elevation, two long … [Continue reading]